Ideal for a Range of Projects up to about 4 Million

SpeedSpec 13

SpeedSpec is an ideal product for a range of projects up to about 4 million and is a great resource for the growing practice.  It covers single, high level housing, multiple residential, light commercial and projects which are covered by the trade sections available. This "one page per trade" speci is simple enough for anyone to use. The spec writer edits the existing material and inserts details to get a finished spec.

We are pleased to announce the availability of SpeedSpec Edition 13. The new edition has been edited more extensively than usual, streamlining some trades and broadening relevance.  Two trade sections have been deleted and a new one added – GENERAL REQUIREMENTS.  There are also 2 new documents added to the Preliminaries

There are 81 trade sections, most of which are about 1-2 pages long and all have the same simple structure, as the Brickwork sample trade section below.  The Table of Contents shows the complete list of trade sections and Preliminary documents which are included in SpeedSpec 13. This product aims to provide a THIN but professional spec, even when edited.

Updated regularly (annual update cost to go to the next edition is $230, inc GST). We provide updates for 3 past editions only. Our products are purchased outright and therefore you can use it as often as you like and can customise it.

Features include

  • The most recent changes and additions:
    • Updated Australian Standards and references.
    • Designers Risk Assessment Table
    • Sustainability Guide
    • Revised User Guide.
  • All trade sections have the same clauses and structure making it easy to read, edit and to find data.
  • Hidden "green" notes at the top of relevant trade sections help with energy conservation. (Most useful at design stage).
  • Red hidden text gives advice of a general nature to specifiers.
  • Some sustainability links to assist in checking on material choices, or making more sustainable material choices.

Purchase includes

  • SpeedSpec comes in a single file for MS Word 2003 and one for MS Word 2010 for use on PC or Mac.
  • These files include Prelims and all trade sections - the trade sections and schedules are also supplied separately to give you maximum flexibility.
  • 9 schedules are supplied in a separate folder but can be added to the book
  • Simple User Guide.
  • When you update, you receive the new edition as well as a MARKED UP COPY OF THE PREVIOUS EDITION. If you customise SpeedSpec, you can make changes to your master instead of replacing it with the new edition. New trade sections would have to be inserted in your previous spec. If you edit rather than replace, you would rename your edited files, "Edition 13 SpeedSpec".
  • A CD can be purchased for an extra $15 and it is express posted.

It costs $790 (inc GST)

NOTE: SpeedSpec is available for use outside Australia.