A specification booklet designed for home designers, builders and renovators

HomeSpec 7

HomeSpec is an editable specification template which is designed for use by home designers, builders and renovators. It is the result of requests for a slim but professional spec for small projects. This scaled-down version of SpeedSpec (the architectural specification used by thousands of design professionals around Australia) is easy to use and concise.

Like all SpecPack products, HomeSpec is not sold under licence but is purchased and can be used as often as needed. Now in Edition 7, HomeSpec covers the 23 basic trades (some cover additional similar trades) and includes schedules, data on sustainability and tips on design risk assessment.

HomeSpec Edition 7 specification basis is under 50 pages long (depending on margin settings) and runs on PC or Mac. There are 8 schedules at the back of the booklet.

HomeSpec Edition 7 contains hidden text; red hidden text gives general advice to the specifier and green hidden text refers to sustainable options.

You can purchase an additional set of Preliminary Documents for HomeSpec 7 for $25. These are used to extend the chosen contract and to include additional data about the project, site, special requirements etc.

Also costing $25, extra trade sections from SpeedSpec Edition 15 can be purchased and added to HomeSpec Edition 7

HomeSpec Edition 7 comes in 9pt Arial with a Table of Contents. It is supplied in Microsoft® Word 2010 format. Our files work on Macs but are not recommended for 'Pages'. When purchased, a link is emailed which is active for one click and is “live” for 3 days. If there are problems, you can call us on 03 9544 6545 for help.

Click the sample shown here to see a HomeSpec Trade Section

Features include

  • New section this edition: CONCRETE INSITU SWIMMING POOLS.
  • Created by an architect for design professionals.
  • Designed for domestic application and for renovations, extensions etc.
  • Contains the 23 main trades and is less than 50 pages long.
  • Includes 8 Schedules at the back.
  • Every trade has the same few clauses as the sample here, for easy editing and reading.
  • Comes with a User Guide.
  • Comes with Designer’s Risk Assessment register material.
  • Includes additional sustainability/green material.
  • Very easy to use and has hidden editing notes throughout for the specifier.
  • HomeSpec is available for use outside Australia.

SpecPack Products - Conditions of Use

  1. SpecPack, SpeedSpec and HomeSpec are protected by COPYRIGHT and may be used by the purchaser, the purchaser’s own personnel only, not by any other organisation or person. This means that employees (or sub-contractors) are required to observe copyright and the rights of the copyright holder, using the products exclusively for the purchaser’s projects.
  2. A separate SpecPack, SpeedSpec and/or HomeSpec must be purchased for use in each office of the same company.
  3. No part of the content of SpecPack, SpeedSpec or HomeSpec may be used by any other party than the purchaser or the purchaser’s employees while producing specifications for his or her employer.
  4. SpecPack, SpeedSpec and HomeSpec are master guide specification bases, which must be edited in the preparation of construction project specifications. The specifier adds and deletes material to the trade section specifications for specific projects. When complete, the specifications are published in the name of the specifier and/or his/her company and therefore in no event shall the author, David Nall or SpecPack Pty Ltd be liable for loss or damage to the user arising out of material or information omitted from or obtained from SpecPack products for use on any project.
  5. SpecPack, SpeedSpec and HomeSpec may not be used to prepare specifications for any entity other than the purchaser without the written approval of the author.
  6. The hidden text in our documents is offered as advice to the specifier and it is intended that the user uses SpeedSpec, SpeedSpec or HomeSpec and related documents with the hidden text feature active in Microsoft® Word so this data can be seen. No responsibility will be taken in the event of the user not activating this feature.
  7. Disclaimer: The information in the Sustainability Guide is designed to assist the specification writer, architect or designer in making the correct sustainability decision when specifying a product, system, fixture, fitting or finish. The decisions made by the specifier are his/her own responsibility. It is expected that he/she would perform the usual due diligence in specifying procedures, materials and products which he/she chooses to specify and no responsibility will be accepted by SpecPack Pty Ltd or its employees and associates for those choices.

SpecPack is moving

SpecPack products will be continuing under a new platform - NBS Chorus.

Experience SpecPack content in a familiar format, now on a fully digital platform.

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