Who We Are

SpecPack Pty Ltd was established in 1987 by David Nall, an architect with many years’ experience. The purpose of the company is to create and market simple architectural specification systems for PC and Mac which offer clarity and brevity for the design professional.

SpecPack is for use in projects of more than $3 million and can be used by any design professional within the field. SpeedSpec is an ideal product for a range of projects up to about $4 million and is a great resource for the growing practice. And HomeSpec is a specification booklet designed for home designers, builders and renovators. It is the result of requests for a slim but professional spec for small projects.

Our products are sold outright and are not sold under licence.  All products come with User Guides and  are updated every 12-18 months. Our staff offer basic help where needed and offer Spec-writing services if required. With over 2,500 clients, including architectural practices, building designers, interior designers, engineers and councils and over 26 years experience we can help with any specification needs (for SpecPack owners only).