Writing Greener Specs

At SpecPack, we are committed to supplying spec bases that meet the needs of our users.  We are also keen to facilitate the construction of more sustainable buildings to ultimately lower costs, both financial and social.

To this end, throughout 2012 and 2013, we collaborated with Ecotect-Architects to develop ‘green’ clauses to integrate into our standard specification bases.

Ecotect-Architects has been a SpecPack customer for many years and is a recognized company with wide experience in sustainable architecture; this experience ranges from several award-winning energy-efficient houses to landmark environmental, commercial and institutional buildings and includes master planning as well as development guidelines for housing and industrial estates.

Ecotect-Architects’ principal, Garry Baverstock AM, has served on many government committees during his 40-year career and therefore brought valuable insight into what needed to be done to develop greener specs.

Emanating from the production of general guidelines, support information for built environment professionals was developed and key areas were identified to help designers to address the sustainability of building projects.

Edition 4 of HomeSpec and SpeedSpec 12 have already been modified and SpecPack itself is scheduled for a sustainability upgrade which is happening currently and will be published as Edition 28 very soon.

All 3 products will be updated and reviewed each year to assist the writing of sustainability-based specifications for various scales of projects.

For further background to the thinking that stimulated the clause revisions for SpecPack visit: wise-earth.com/sustainablespec

These guidelines are proposed for general referral only to help the specification writer understand the process of modifying existing clauses and developing new ones.

To know more about sustainable architecture at a higher learning level check out: solar-e.com/elearning

Wise Earth Pty Ltd is the corporate manager of Ecotect-Architects.  It has links to Murdoch University through the principal, Garry Baverstock AM who is an Adjunct Professor at the School of Engineering.

Disclaimer: The information in our specification basis products is designed to assist the specification writer, architect or designer in making correct sustainability decisions when specifying a product, system, fixture, fitting or finish.  The decisions made by the specifier are his/her own responsibility.  It is expected that he/she would perform the usual diligence in specifying procedures, materials and products which he/she chooses to specify and no responsibility will be accepted by SpecPack Pty Ltd or its employees and associates for those choices.